Everything You Need to Know About Shuffleboard

So what exactly is shuffleboard and how do you play it?

More than a game synonymous with older adult communities in here in Florida, shuffleboard is a fun game with a long history in many variations.

The many forms of shuffleboard refer to a game in which players push weighted discs down a narrow court to get them into various scoring areas.

While the exact origin of shuffleboard is unknown it has a long history. It is said that King Henry VIII of England often played and gambled on shuffleboard and even banned “commoners” from playing the game.

Today people still play shuffleboard on the ground level courts, and also play on wonderful shuffleboard tables, a slight variation on the traditional game.

Facts about table shuffleboard

  • A tournament-size shuffleboard table is 22 feet long and 20 inches in width but they can very by length.
  • Why is there sand on a shuffleboard table? Shuffleboard tables must be periodically sprinkled liberally with tiny, salt-like beads of silicone to decrease friction. While it’s definitely not a wax, it is sometimes referred to as shuffleboard wax, or even shuffleboard cheese because it looks similar to grated cheese.
  • Shuffleboard is a four-player game, with two teams of two players. One player from each team is placed at the opposite end of the board. A coin toss is often used to determine who is shoot first and the color of the weights.
  • How do you keep score? Players alternate turns sliding all four of the weights by hand against the ones from their opponent. Players attempt to make it to the highest scoring area at the end of the board without falling off the end of the playing area into the alley. The game continues until one team has scored 15 or 21 points (this varies) to win the game.

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How To Accessorize Your Man Cave With Help From The Billiard Collection

Maybe you already have the perfect pool table for The Billiard Collection in your man cave, basement, on your patio by the pool, or some other great location in your home.

There is so much more that can round out a great man cave/entertainment room to make your space the most desirable spot to spend time with friends and family.

With so many great ways to customize your man cave you might find yourself wanting to go out less and less. Here are some the top items to accessorize your man cave.

How To Accessorize Your Man Cave

1. Pool Table: If you don’t already have a great pool table this is the number one item to create an incredible entertainment space. There are many options available to fit your style and unique space, from the rustic Brunswick tables to contemporary California House tables. They come at a variety of price points so you can find something that suits your style and your budget.

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3. Cue Rack: You can’t have a great looking man cave with pool table at the center without a great cue rack. We have floor racks, wall racks, wood and metal cue stands, and even unique ball stands that will make your space look amazing.

4. Really good lighting: You want to be able to see well when hanging out in your man cave and enjoying some fun games and good lighting is the key. We offer a wide selection of bow three light bars that are exactly what you would expect to see over a great looking gaming table to really bring the space together.

5. Seating: Perhaps most important of all, a good place to kick back and relax. Leather topped bar stools or comfortable cloth barstools with a back and arm rests look great in a man cave and offer you and your guests plenty of seating.

Table Shuffleboard Players Need One Attribute To Be Great, TV Star Says

Unlike its on-the-court brethren, the table game of shuffleboard is a hands-on competition leaves its players a bit “dusty.”

The object of outdoor and indoor shuffleboard is to propel discs with a cue onto a triangle scoring diagram at opposite end of the hard court to score points.

In table shuffleboard, players use their hands to push four metal pucks on a narrow wooden table that is sprinkled with shuffleboard sand (not real sand but tiny silicone or plastic balls that allow the pucks to glide and actually helps the table finish last).

According to official table shuffleboard rules, a typical game (partners or singles) is played to 15 points and points are scored in rectangular sections instead of a triangle diagram.

The shuffleboard sand makes the puck glide extremely fast compared to hard-court shuffleboard’s discs propelled with a cue.

Players must be delicate and patient when playing,  Jim Cramer, TV host of “Mad Money” once told the New York Times.

“It’s like bowling for me. They are very similar, as you have to have the right technique; the only difference is that you need softness.”

Cramer plays plenty of shuffleboard both on the court and on the table, the latter of which he says is special because the game is very social.

“This is a game on a cold winter night or afternoon,” Cramer said. “You go there and have a beer, play this game, and it is electric. Because you can beat the best if you get a little bit of luck.”

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