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Boynton Billiards (The Billiard Collection) is a family owned and operated business since 1990, started by the late John Corvey and his wife Debbie Corvey. Debbie is still very active in the business helped by 2nd generation son Larry Wood. Starting as a small showroom in the original pool hall, Boynton Billiards has grown into the leading supplier of game room furniture throughout Florida, the Caribbean and the entire United States. Currently there are 3 showrooms, West Palm Beach, Ft. Lauderdale (The Billiard Collection) and the original in Boynton Beach. Vice President Larry Wood, who is in charge of online marketing, stresses the value of the online presence to keep up with today’s world. Builder and designer assistance is handled by Director of Sales, Michael Ruback, a long time professional in the design trade industry. Delivery and service crews are led by long term employee Jeremy Brooks, assisted by Tony Vierra and an in house service coordinator Gabriela Etchegaray . All employees are dedicated to the community to deliver professional service along with quality products.

Kurt Spell


Founder Kurt Spell tells The Billiard Collection story.

In 1975 I graduated high school and was looking for a job while attending Miami Dade Jr. College. My brother Randy got a part time job after school cleaning the showroom at Brandt Billiard Supply in North Miami and suggested I apply. So I did, Brandt hired me and trained me as a pool table mechanic. The general manager Hank Bombard quickly took notice that I was timely, trustworthy and a hard worker. Almost immediately Hank decided to take me under his wing. The first saying of many that he taught me and one that I've taken with me over all these years is "Why is there never time to do things right, but always time to do them over". After 4 years of working for Brandt's I became a police officer for Metro Dade Police Department. Hank left Brandt Billiards and formed his own company "Hanks Billiards" and I continued to work with him until i bought Hanks in 1988. Over the next 10 years i turned Hank's into the largest and best service company in Florida doing installations and service for numerous dealers with over 1000 tables a year. In 1998 my path led back to Brandt's where with Wes Brandt's failing health I was given an opportunity to purchase the original building and open up my store The Billiard Collection. From 1998 till 2008 I worked for Dade County and grew the Billiard Collection to four stores making us the largest billiard dealer in Florida. We were proud to offer many prestigious lines including Brunswick, A.E. Schmidt, Olhausen, Canada Billiards, California House, Darafeev and many more past and present. I have had the privilege of serving on Brunswick's dealer advisory committee for a period spanning over 15 years. I am also one of the industries top installers in the country, which is my true love. In 2009, I started a new family and didn't want to make the same mistake of not spending enough time with my daughter who was 27 by now. So I decided to consolidate to two stores(North Miami and Fort Lauderdale). With my new daughter arriving in 2009 and another in 2012, I decided to consolidate even more so I could spend more time at home. Soon after, I closed the Miami store in 2014. Debbie Corvey the owner of Boynton Billiards and I have been best friends for over 15 years. She operates one of the finest billiard businesses in the country. She made me an offer that would allow me to do the things I enjoy the most, spend time with my kids and be out on the road servicing pool tables. I jumped at the offer and the rest is history!

Debbie Corvey

CEO / Founder

Founder and President of Boynton Billiards has designed game rooms all over the country. Debbie currently sits on the Billiard Advisory Board for Olhausen Billiards in TN. In the past, she has advised many billiard manufacturers about current styles and trends. Her dedication to quality furniture with decorator styling has made her a leading authority on game room design.

Michael Ruback

Director of Sales /Vice President

Michael Ruback is Director of Sales /Vice President of Boynton Billiards, with responsibilities of following up on leads from internet inquiries to architects, as well as designers, builders and multi-unit dwellings. Prior to joining Boynton Billiards, Michael was a manufacturer’s representative for the Billiard Industry and has been in the business for more than 25 years. Michael’s greatest strengths are his creativity, drive, and urgency to follow through to close sales. He thrives on challenges for each and every client to make sure he is delivering the best quality products as well as customer service. Michael is well-respected from Presidents and CEO’S in the Billiard Industry and beyond. Michael graduated from Dwight Morrow High School in Englewood, New Jersey and then went on to attend college at Jacksonville University. He lives in Orlando with his wife and daughter which enables him to be mobile with our clients throughout Central and Northern Florida.

Larry Wood

Managing Partner

Larry Wood is a managing partner at Boynton Billiards. Larry a South Florida native who studied business and marketing at Santa Fe College in Gainesville Florida. Online marketing has been Larry's strong point for the last 15 years. He believes that the online market place gives Boynton Billiards a huge footprint in the billiard industry.

Skills include:
- Expert on new & antique billiard cues and billiard related items.
- Provides game room design and space planning.
- Works with manufactures on new designs & styles for the billiard industry.
- Works with trade designers.

Josh Gibson


I have lived in South Florida for the last 20 years, originally from the suburbs of Chicago. Pool has been a part of my life from young age when my Grandfather taught me to play straight pool. My career has spanned from being a district manager in retail to an executive in the insurance industry. My passions in life are my family, my dogs, and pool. I spend my free time with the family and hosting/ tournament directing pool events in Palm Beach County.

Tony Viera


Tony Vierra grew up in Northern CA. He was first introduced to billiards at a very young age as his father started teaching him how to play. As he got older, his drive for the game only got stronger. As Tony got better he began to practice more and more. He would start spending a lot of time at the local pool hall to fine tune his skills. When he was 18 years old he started working in construction. One day the pool hall owner realized Tony was watching a pool table mechanic closely at work on the tables in the pool room. When the work was completed the pool hall owner called Tony to the desk for an offer. He offered Tony a job on bartering. If Tony would consider learning how to do the work on the tables and would work behind the counter from time to time, he would get free pool time and food anytime he was there. This was a “no brainer” to Tony. He kept his day job in construction flipping houses but became a pool table mechanic by night. When Tony was 22 years old he started moving east. Over the next several years, he would find his way to Boynton Beach, FL. Still working in construction and still playing pool, Tony crossed paths with Jeremy Brooks. Jeremy and Tony played in the same pool league. Jeremy mentioned he was a pool table mechanic and he was going to be recovering the pool tables in the pool room over a weekend. Tony offered to give Jeremy a hand as it had been a long time since he was able to work on tables. Jeremy accepted Tony’s help, then took him under his wing and fine-tuned his skills, as he noticed how much Tony enjoyed it. Over the next year, Tony would help Jeremy more and more. It lead to Tony joining Jeremy at Boynton Billiards full time and turning a hobby into a full time job.

Van Wood


Van Wood is a Floridian being born in Jacksonville and was the son of a career service man that traveled much of the United states. One of seven children, Van was fortunate to have the luxury of a pool table in his home growing up. He has always enjoyed the game of pool and many days spent hours just playing with his three brothers. He met his wife of forty two years in Galveston Texas. He has three children and four grand children. As the newest member of the Boynton Billiards family, Van comes from a fine jewelry background for over 40 years. Having been recently retired , an opportunity arose to join Josh Gibson at the newly acquired Fort Lauderdale location as a sales consultant. He brings a career of customer service and follow up that makes the luxury pool tables and other games a natural fit. He truly enjoys helping people and looks forward to making many new customers at the Fort Lauderdale location.









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