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World Pool Masters 2018 Recap In Gibraltar

Earlier this year we saw the World Pool Masters play our in Gibraltar. On the international stage were some of the biggest names in pool. Gibraltar is a wonderful place for the Masters tournament and will remain the host though 2021. This year at Gibraltar was...

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Summer Is The Perfect Time To Upgrade With A New Pool Table

Summer is the perfect time to upgrade your home and create a space for the ultimate sport experience. What better way to anchor your space than with a stunning pool table? The Billiard Collection moto has always been “When you demand the best,” and we mean it. We are...

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9-Ball And Other Fun Games To Play On A Pool Table

Whether they know it or not, when most people play pool here in the United States they're actually playing American-Style Eight Ball. We all know the rules — there are 16 balls (7 stripes, 7 solids, 1 eight ball, and 1 cue ball) and after the break, each player is...

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How To Get Better At Pool: Tips, Books, Videos

Novice pool and billiards players that want to take their game to the next level need to get a leg up on the competition by reading a number of instructional books, guides and tips as well as emulate videos from the pros. South Florida's The Billiard Collection has...

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How It’s Made: Billiard Tables

One of the most iconic TV shows that peaked our interest here in South Florida is "How It's Made." The TV show is so fascinating despite the mundane premise of showing you how stuff is made. Everything from highlighter pens and contacts to the more wild things...

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US Open 9 Ball Championship Sold In Ground-Breaking Move

Matchroom Multi Sport announced recently it has acquired full ownership of the US Open 9 Ball Championship in a ground-breaking move to take the event into the sports mainstream. There will be no US Open 9 Ball Championship in 2018 as Matchroom plans the next US Open...

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